Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Is there a difference between cleaning a Carpet and Area Rug?

So a rug is a rug, right?  Not the case.

Probably the biggest {most substantial, most significant} difference between wall to wall carpeting and area rugs is the purpose they serve. Carpets are meant to be fixed, or attached, they will not be moved.  As for Area Rugs, well, they are meant to be a secondary flooring{covering} overlayed atop a permanent flooring, such as hardwood. Area rugs are made to be picked up{rolled up}, and moved around {from place to place} For this reason, rugs and carpeting {carpet} are constructed {made} differently. 

Area Rugs should be treated differently because they are constructed {made} differently.  They require a different cleaning process{technique}.   Rugs{ Area Rugs} often have a denser, longer pile than carpeting. Which basally means  how close together the fibers are tufted into the carpet backing.   Which can explain why the Area Rug is so soft and plush in comparison to the wall to wall carpeting.   This also means that area rugs {rugs} can trap dirt, dust and hair near the backing of the  pile, which can make it harder {more difficult} to remove with a vacuum alone.   But because rugs are movable , they can be shaken out and the backing can be vacuumed outside. Cleaning spills on a rug {area rug}, depending on the type of spill can be easier when done right away{immediately} and correctly because you can blot up the stain and get to the backing of the carpet which you can not do with a wall to wall because it has multiple layers and is fixed {not movable}.  Because of the additional layers under your carpeting, the spill gets absorbed into your  carpeting, padding  and  your sub-flooring which causes it to stay wet longer than an area rug {a rug}.  Think of a spill on your counter, grab that paper towel and watch the water get absorbed by the paper towel.  See how it spreads?   Same with your padding. This allows the opportunity for bacteria and even mold to grow depending on the amount of liquid on the carpeting and weather or not it has been cleaned.   Now pet stains, that’s a whole other story.