Did you ever notice how you just finished dusting and vacuuming your room and a few hours later there is a layer of dust on your furniture? 

Where did the dust come from?  Did you empty your vacuum cleaner bag or dust cup before you vacuumed?  What about the filters?  Many vacuum cleaners have filters on them.   Did you first remove the layer of dust off of your furniture with the vacuum cleaner brush so that it gets sucked into the vacuum first and not redistributed back into the air?  Have you vacuumed out your vents recently?  How about your intake?  When was the last time you changed your HVAC filter?

Please understand, there is no judgement here.  With everyone working so hard to just get everything done on a day to day basis, who thinks of cleaning the vents, intake and remembers the last time they changed the filter on the HVAC system.

You can vacuum out the vents as far as you can reach, same with the intake.  You can wash the vent covers and the intake cover so that dust doesn’t stick to them to ensure you are getting the best flow possible.  You can change the filter on your heating system and just put a piece of masking or painters tape on the outside of the unit with the date change to let you know how long it has been. 

But what do you do about the area you cant reach?  Some people say that cleaning your air ducts is not necessary, they say that the air flow is not improved.  Others say that it is a very important step to improve your homes indoor air quality.I say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If you have a ceiling fan in your house and you had one of those busy times in your life when you were lucky to vacuum the carpet and run a cloth over the furniture before a guest showed up, you may relate to this.  You have your ceiling fan running and a sizable piece of dust comes floating down on the table or in your line of site – so very noticeable. Well, isn’t it the same thing with the dust in the vents?  The air turns on and pushes the dust through the ducts and out the vents, right?  So… Is it time to call Steam Pro Carpet Cleaners to schedule your duct cleaning service?